Rise, Fall and Repeat

She doesn’t say that she loves me
She doesn’t say that she’ll leave me
Doesn’t mean any of it
Isn’t true

Uneasy with her words she makes me
Other times she easily reassures me
Hands me color but only
Leaves a hue

Would she show me her care
Would she show me her scare
Not let my emotions be
In a stew

She believes me only partly
She dismisses me entirely
Still with every fall I hope we
Start anew

The way it is – Poem

Regardless of a time
That goes by;
Beyond our control
Without a try

If decisive, the complacency
If definite, the transparency

Of the lines
That comply;
Of the lies
That fly

Changing the resolve
Bearing the evolve

One after another
Is totality;
Emotions are
Subjected to fatality

More to the sighs
In our lows and highs;
Signify the tries
And muffle the cries


We use our might
and barge in from the right

Even at a stop we move our cars
we’re Earthlings, you’re from Mars

When you’re flashed
move to the side
with your car that’s low priced
otherwise you’ll also be diced

10 times, we’re fined
yet we never mind
Our mistake is our feat
the one that we repeat

Some of us at 20 on a fast lane
Some of us 120 on a slow lane
we drive in a manner & make everyone mad
We create backlogs & then say,” Traffic is bad”